Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello's and Such

I guess I finally got around to making a blog. I hereby promise to be inconsistent in posting and wide-ranging in subject matter. You see, I haven't yet fully decided what I wanna be when I grow up. Let's review, shall we?

1990-something (or maybe 80-something): A young Jessica reads a book about nurses, and decides this sounds like an amazing career opportunity.

2000-She starts college to get this degree, takes a detour a couple of years in for a minor in journalism, and graduates in 2005.

2005-Registered Nurse!

2007-Decides to get a master's in counseling--graduates 2010. Detours through theology on the way. Oh, and a marriage license in 2008 (Shout out to Jason! [That's my husband...not some random guy name]).

2011-It's time for a master's in nursing. Anticipated graduation: December 2012.

That's all the boring stuff. Just mile markers. The real story hides behind. The girl who grows up desperately wanting to help people have better lives. The hope of starting a new career and finding out that the hardest thing is wanting to help people when sometimes you're just a body filling a time slot--under-resourced for the task. Oh, and sometimes people don't wanna be helped. The disillusioning experience of going to seminary, and finding out you no longer connect with the judgments or the platitudes you hear all around you.

So, currently, I specialize in pain management nursing. When I can, I do palliative care nursing. Most recently, I discovered that I am ready to try church again. Maybe. I wife. Now, I'm not great at that last bit, but it's my very favorite thing about me. Mostly 'cause my husband rocks. And, for fun, I shop in my closet, my husband's closet, and resale stores to come up with amazing outfits. Don't judge. I look at it like clothes are paint. Painters get respect for being all deep and creative. So, fashion can be too (I feel like a kid sticking their tongue out with that last bit).

So, if you drop by; hello! Welcome. You can expect to read bits of all that stuff, and whatever pops into my crazy head.


P.S. I'm all kinds of computer illiterate, so the the first 5 or 6 dozen of these (my, I'm ambitious!) may be ugly. Sorry. This much (---).

P.P.S. I have a long standing love affair with commas, and, they, show, up, everywhere.,, Don't judge. Grammar nuts might want to avert their eyes.