Saturday, April 19, 2014

Valentine's Sandals

Valentine weighed in at 4 lb. 9 oz at birth. Full term. Soaking wet. We discovered it runs in the Burmese side of the family. Needless to say, she may be 7 1/2 months old, but her clothes are still 3-6 mo. And she still wears newborn shoes.

It's a real pill to spend $15 on shoes made of fabric, that she'll maybe wear for a few more minutes. So, in the interest of making something unique and well-fitted for Easter, I took matters in my own hands (and a few other assorted tools).

Tada! (These cost me nothing, because I had everything on hand. But at best, you're out the cost of a whole bag of scrap stiff leather from Hobby Lobby, which is maybe $6 after the coupon, and obvs = more projects.)

Wanna learn how? You need 1-2 hours of time, and the instructions after the jump.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Head on over -- stay awhile

I have wanted to do this for SO long. And, you'll find no shortage of DIY headboards out there, but I'm throwing mine in with the rest. This came at a low price, and paid out high in pride.

I went from this (it's the guest bed, so basically our junk room as we remodel):

To this (can't wait to host family and friends!):

Deets to follow.

Which Came First: Easter Bunny or Egg?

I like tiny things. And challenges. But not follow thru. That makes this project one of the best and the worst, simultaneously. Our church is doing a community Easter egg hunt, and I wanted to have something sweeter than candy in some of ours... so...

hello there
Tutorial follows: