Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bueller?... Bueller?...

Turns out, in my now expert opinion, that first trimesters suck. Oh. Did I not mention I'm pregnant? Well, that last post, all that looonnng time ago was obviously related to that fact. I just pooped out before I got to the official reveal.

This is very much desired. It played out like this: 9 months of trying. Crying as each month passed. In the ninth month, convincing my husband on a Friday that I would start calling specialists on Monday. Waking up that Saturday, determining to take a pregnancy test because I was going out with friends that night, and wine was definitely on the menu. Glancing away for 3 seconds and coming back to a clearly positive pregnancy test. A week later, my husband left for Burma, to meet family he's never met, and see the places that filled the stories of his childhood. Between the morning sickness, and the missing him, crafting and blogging lost all significance. My usual hours spent viewing crafts every week have been freed up. But thru most of the 1st trimester, if I wasn't working, I was sleeping anyway.

Now, I'm 16 weeks, and I feel great almost all the time. I'm excited, and energetic, and experiencing sparks of creativity. And ever so slightly beginning to show!

My first DIY project for the nursery is a massive frame that will become, uh, something? You can see the steps that brought me here. I bought said frame from the Hope Center's thrift store for about $5. The paint is from Home Depot, purchased in the $3 sample jars.

No way I was sanding this thing, so I primered the heck out of it. I take that back. I kinda just put on a layer and a half of primer.

See how ugly and dark it was? Just wait!

I taped off the center space to do the trim. Definitely needed two layers for this part because of all the divots and grooves.

Tada! No longer dark and gloomy and baby-inappropriate!

The green is Home Decorators Collection "Zesty Apple" (HDC-MD-15).

The blue is Glidden "Sea Spray" (GLB19).

That blue in the center (that is still drying, because I didn't want to miss the setting sunlight) is the color our nursery walls will be. Which brings me to my last conundrum. What design shall I paint in the middle? I'm leaning toward something red... Suggestions welcome!