Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ambiguous title, no? I found this article by LZ Granderson on CNN's religion blog. In it he writes about a story where he ran into Rob Bell, his pastor. Though the moment was entirely mundane, he made the choice to believe God played a part in that moment happening.

Of course, in the comments section, people rip his choice to believe this. It's a choice I struggle with myself. But, especially in the difficult circumstances I am trying to survive right now, I understand the power of such choices for providing hope.

Even when my faith looked most like the teachings I received, it never contained a supernatural sense. I never "heard the voice of the Lord," or "received a word," or any other way of expressing magical knowledge of God's presence or will. I'm an emotional creature, but rarely encountered very emotional moments with my faith (though they did happen on occasion). Even back then, choice played the biggest part in my faith. I think now, I'm just much more aware of that part, because every thing added to a stripped down faith requires choices.

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  1. Interesting topic. I waver between believing God is in everything (every experience can be a God-experience) and beleiving God is completely removed from day to day life. (No! I don't think it was God who made sure your paycheck showed up a day early so you wouldn't be late on your bills.)

    I rarely (it has happened a couple times in my lifetime) sense God's presence. I guess for me I'm learning that God shows up whenever I invite Him... that He doesn't manipulate situations based on how much I pray but that he does help me through... give me strength... if I turn to Him.