Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Open letter to Like A Child

 This is an open letter to Her blogs are so beautifully honest and rich. Stop by her place, and see what I mean.

Dear Like a Child,

I don't even know how to subject this email. Sometimes things resonate too deeply for pithy titles. After you joined my blog, I started reading yours, and even your "About me" almost brought me to tears. I know that heart-aching loneliness that comes from leaving the exclusive teachings you grew up with. With no "church body" around to tell you that you're ok, your teaching rears its ugly head, and says you most certainly are not ok, you are "backslidden," or "out of God's will." Or maybe not "saved" at all. Not only does your fate hang in the balance, the fates of all the people you aren't impacting for the Lord hinge on your disobedience. It's crushing. Maybe, like me, you've even tried to convince yourself to just quit and conform. This liberty I've found offers none of the security of the boxes of the past, and at times, I wonder if I'll drown in it.

I'm beyond the panic attacks. Although, going to church, depending on the church, can wind me up so tight it takes all day to calm down. And I finally found the courage to approach a new church, lay my current "condition" on the line, and let the chips fall. Trying to hide this new evolution of me and faith bothers me most. Because so many people I love and admire still live in that old world, I try to protect them. And, while I am getting to the place where I think this journey is a good and meaningful one, I don't wish it on anyone else. It felt so violent to wake up in the middle of this doubt storm. And life keeps going. You have children needing you, regardless of your condition. I have patients needing me. Like you, I don't think we'll ever go back. It's never going to be the same "faith" for us. But I don't believe that was pure faith back then. Not enough doubt. Living honestly brings its own reward, and I find the molecules of faith that remain mean so much more.

I'm going to follow your journey. Lately, I have been collecting a small coterie of individuals facing their doubts and on this continuum of faith. Each of us different, but believing we all belong. We do need community. I'm glad you're in mine.

chesha in motion


  1. Again Chesha, Thank you for warming my heart this morning by this gem of an email. I am working on a post to feature this post. At first I was going to paste the whole thing, but then I thought providing a link would be better so that people can check out your other posts too:) Thank you again.

  2. Lovely post chesha, there really are more of us wanderers/wonderers than I thought there would be.

  3. I am continually awed by the poignancy expressed by those of you who have come through dark night. My own journey is so deeply different, but impacted by fundamentalism too, that I can but howl at the moon sometimes at how a "theology" hurts so many people and keeps them from God, for those that leave, never come, and frankly for those who stay with it. All are irrepairably harmed. I shall enjoy following you thanks to LAC. Blessings.