Saturday, April 12, 2014

Which Came First: Easter Bunny or Egg?

I like tiny things. And challenges. But not follow thru. That makes this project one of the best and the worst, simultaneously. Our church is doing a community Easter egg hunt, and I wanted to have something sweeter than candy in some of ours... so...

hello there
Tutorial follows:

I drew a template. This was my 3rd template, and I can say for certain, the ears work best when they 'V' away from each other. Otherwise, the ears want to fold toward each other, as seen below.

Also, a little more distance between the ears will look better once we turn them right side out.

I'm essentially very lazy, so, I just folded a swath of fabric in half before tracing my template. That way, I don't have to sew around the tips of the ears. Then, I just kept tracing.

Time to sew and then cut (leave his butt open for tha' stuffin'):

Then flip (I find a pair of blunt tweezers particularly helpful for pushing and pulling):

I like to iron the ears (but it's not necessary). I also like to sew them shut, but toward the end of 30 bunnies (who'm I kiddin', after like 5 bunnies) I cut this very time intensive process.

Next, I use embroidery thread and the french knot technique to create eyes, nose, and tail.

I add a little fleece pocket:

It's the only thing warm and fuzzy about me.
Then time to stuff:

Now this just looks gross.
Then sew this lil guy's bottom up.

Uh... I feel violated here.
I made certain my template yielded bunnies that fit inside your standard Easter egg. Side note, these also fit beautifully in a tiny Altoids tin. I will be tricking out a tiny bunny house/bed for a friend's son.

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